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Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are the widely accepted form of gutter in the industry. They greatly reduce the possibility of your gutter leaking because of its seamless or gapless design. They protect your home or your business from water damage more effectively than any type of gutter material and it does not need to be painted.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters at home or in your business is important as to make sure that they do not gather enough dirt and grime that could clog the gutter and make the water go all over the place, which could end up in the gutter breaking open or the water to get inside your buildings. If you think that your gutter needs cleaning, let us know and we would get back to you.
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Gutter Guards

Right after having your gutters installed and cleaned by our contractors, it would really be wise if you would have gutter guards to keep other forms of objects on staying in your gutters. We here at Unique Gutters offer an exclusive gutter guard that would be sure to protect your gutter from any objects while still being able to do its job of keeping water away from your home or business.

The Unique Gutters Difference

Working with our experienced Knoxville gutter contractors makes a world of difference in quality and delivery of your gutter installation or cleaning. We at Unique Gutters combine experience and hard work to be able to provide you with the best service possible.

How we work

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Quick Response

The moment you call us up until the project end day, we guarantee that our Knoxville gutter contractors would respond to your queries and calls on a timely manner.


Quality is our most important product. With providing only quality services, we make sure to let our customers know that they are always in good hands with us.


We take pride in our Knoxville gutter contractors. We make sure that we appear presentable and that we are fully geared to tackle installing or cleaning your gutters. We value being clean, so we assure you that we keep the workplace mess to a minimal level. We also want to make sure that the homeowners’ day to day life is not disrupted.


Unique Gutters’ services are licensed, bonded and insured to assure you that we only provide quality work.
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